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Sky Glass – for balustrades without a hand rail

Sky Glass eliminates the need for a hand rail on structural glass balustrades. The panel will remain completely rigid after shattering of one side, protecting the void safely until replacement of the panel.

It will also remain rigid enough to prevent people falling from the balcony even in the extremely unlikely scenario of BOTH sides being shattered. Please see the following video:



It should be noted that this is a superior alternative to the AS1288 ‘deemed to comply’ solution of a single panel of toughened glass with a hand rail. That design allows a child to easily fall through the void left under the hand rail after failure of the glass. A Sky Glass balustrade will stop people, especially children, falling from the balcony.



When a building surveyor is looking to certify a new glass balustrade they will start with AS1288:2006. This Standard has a number of ‘deemed to comply’ solutions, but it requires a load bearing, interlinked hand rail if the balcony is over 1m off the ground. Sky Glass eliminates the need for a handrail and is compliant to the Building Code of Australia rather than to AS1288.

Building Code of Australia

Sky Glass balustrades are compliant as an Alternative Solution under the BCA. They are equivalent to the ‘Deemed to Satisfy Provisions’ and satisfy the underlying ‘Performance Requirements’.

Furthermore, a Sky Glass balustrade is superior to the AS1288 ‘deemed to comply’ solution using a toughened glass panel (10mm or 12mm) with a load bearing interlinked hand rail. In this solution, should the glass fail due to Nickel Sulphide inclusions or mechanical damage a dangerous void will be left between the floor and the hand rail. A child or even an adult could easily fall through this void. A Sky Glass balustrade will remain rigid and in place should one panel fail, providing complete safety until the balustrade is replaced. Even in the extremely unlikely scenario of both sides of the laminate being broken, the balustrade will still stand up and provide both a visual and physical barrier to people falling through the void.

Please call us for more details regarding compliance to the BCA.

Non-compliant balustrades

This area of regulation changed significantly in 2006 and unfortunately there are many examples in the market place of non-compliance.

Glass balustrades protecting a fall of over 1m but without a hand rail can still be seen. These may have been installed before 2006. If they have been installed since, they are non compliant.

Some glaziers are also installing aluminium or stainless steel channels on top of 10mm toughened glass panels. This is NOT compliant to AS1288 because the channel is typically NOT load bearing. A load bearing hand rail will typically be 50mm in diameter which appears much bulkier than many people desire in their designs.


As a custom designed and manufactured product, every piece of Sky Glass requires engineering input. ClearConcepts can manage this process for you with our in-house engineering support.

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